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The Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center is rooted in the desire to inform and nurture awareness, accompanied by actions that promote the well-being of all life on Earth. We have hosted World Teachers such as Buckminster Fuller, Joanna Macy, Helen Nearing, Jean Houston, Robert Bly and Ram Dass.

Since our inception, we have been exploring the relationship between energy, ecology, wellness and wisdom, and encouraging others to do the same. We are blessed to have Jorge Arenivar and Jim Mcdonald as part of our community and to benefit from the teachings that they bring.

Jim Mcdonald
Jim Mcdonald has been practicing the art of herbcraft since 1994.  He offers a knowledge of herbalism that blends western folk and indigenous views of healing with the Vitalist traditions of 19th century western herbalism.  He has taught classes and workshops throughout the Great Lakes bioregion and the US, hosts the website www.herbcraft.org, and is currently writing (alternately) "A Great Lakes Herbal" and "Foundational Herbcraft".   Jim is a community herbalist, a manic wildcrafter, and medicine maker.  He has been an ardent student of the most learned teachers of herbcraft...  the plants themselves.

Please contact Jim at (248) 238-8733 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  regarding any questions or need of further information.

Jorge Arenivar

Jorge Arenivar is an extraordinary teacher. He brings our community skillful mindfulness by way of the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies throughout the year. Jorge also teaches drum making and works with the children at Upland Hills School to help them deepen their relationship with the natural world. He facilitates the Sweat lodge Ceremonies with equanimity, compassion and loving kindness and guides us in ways that empower our prayers while elevating our potentials. We often ask Jorge to facilitate lodges with our young adolescents to put them in touch with their purpose and vision.

Jorge is one of those rare teachers who empowers others by listening deeply and supporting us with his gentle humor. A true world teacher, Jorge understands that the essence of teaching is serving while maintaining an open mind and an open heart. Our Ecological Awareness Center has hosted World Teachers such as: Buckminster Fuller, Joanna Macy, Helen Nearing, Jean Houston, Robert Bly and Ram Dass just to name a few, and each one of them including Jorge are people of the highest integrity. We have been deeply blessed by his 23 year commitment to our community.